Ministry Update and Appeal

Praise God, we are getting crazy busy as God is opening many doors of ministry here in the Quad Cities. The following is a list of the many opportunities for the Gospel to be proclaimed, and we are privileged, and overwhelmed by all of them. God is good.

A list of many of the outreaches we are now doing.
-Regular outreaches at Davenport Central High, Bettendorf High, Rock Island High, and occasionally to Alleman Catholic High.
-Regular Gospel outreaches to Augustana College, and Western Illinois Quad Cities, and Blackhawk College in Moline, Illinois.
-Monthly outreaches to Manor Care Assisted Living, Christian Care Mens Shelter, Timothy House Shelter in Davenport.
-Semi regular outreaches to various Awana programs, Sunday Schools, Salvation Army after school programs.
-This is in addition to our regular Farmers Market Prayer Stand on Saturday mornings at the Freight House in Davenport.
-When I can, I go to the University of Iowa and Western Illinois in Macomb, IL.
-We regularly partner with our local church (First Baptist Bettendorf), to hand out Gospel tracts at parades and local events.
-We have taught an Evangelism class at our church and are planning to teach Sketchboard Gospel painting to the many people in the Quad Cities that have expressed a desire to learn.
-We also have a possible opportunity to partner with a ministry in town called "Quest for Christ", which is an after school program in many of the public elementary schools in the Iowa Quad Cities.
-We will be doing our Sketchboard Gospel programs with a ministry in town called 180 Zone, which serves people in crisis and also operates a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.
-We have a regular commitment to join with many ministries and churches in Colorado, as I was there all of last August (outreach in the park with Mesa Hills Bible Church, outreaches to Palmer High School and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, and 2 festivals at booths in Buena Vista and Leadville).
-Upcoming evangelism outreach in Kingston Jamaica with the local OAC missionaries.

Most of our evangelism efforts use a Sketchboard to paint a Gospel message. It causes much interaction, and God has blessed it. We have handed out thousands of Gospel tracts and many hundreds of Bibles to those who ask for them.

So.... Could you partner with us at some level? We ask that you pray for us, the ministry, and those that hear the Gospel preached. We will send you a regular prayer list if you will let us know you desire to be a prayer partner. We also ask that you join us if possible. And for some of you, if the Lord leads, we ask if you could partner with us financially. We have worked hard all our lives in secular jobs, and now it seems that we need to be in full time ministry. We have intentionally done as much as possible to be as self sufficient as we can, but expenses come up that we would need help on. For instance, we bought a ministry van for $1000, and it is very helpful. But travel expenses, insurance and maintenance on an older vehicle can be expensive. Additionally, we regularly purchase Bibles, Gospel tracts, and Sketchboard supplies. Lastly, the biggie is health care, and because I am not a full time employee any longer, we must pay for our own premiums, deductibles and out of pocket expenses. And we are not getting any younger. 🙂

We are full time missionaries with Open Air Campaigners, which is an international mission society approved and accredited by ECFA. Your donations are tax deductible and can be easily set up from this link.
A monthly commitment of any amount, even $10, would be very helpful to the ministry and to getting the Gospel message preached to a lost and dying world, and especially to the Quad Cities.

Thank you and God bless.
Steve and Connie
Romans 1:16