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 Life Is A Puzzle

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Who likes puzzles?  What is the hardest puzzle you can do?  The New York Times puzzle?  Or is it how to not have too much month left at the end of your money? A wise man a long time ago named Socrates said that a life not examined is a life not living.  Are you just living life but not examining it?
What is the hardest puzzle?  It is this   LIFE
I have discovered for myself and talking to other people that  LIFE IS A PUZZLE
People approach this puzzle in different ways.

1. First group of people try to solve this problem this way  lIfe

This group does all they can to please themselves.  The number one thing is their own happiness.  This ultimately does not work, however.  A very wise man named Solomon about 3000 years ago did an experiment and game himself everything he wanted and refused himself no pleasure.  The Bible said “his heart was delighted by all he did”.  But when this man considered his life, it was meaningless and living like that was trying to catch the wind.  Although he was satisfied for a while, he was left empty.

2. Another group solves this problem this way…    lIFe

If     I were someone else
       I had more money
       I had a better job
       I had a better spouse
       I had a degree
       I won the lotto
But would we really be any different inside if outside circumstances changed?
If you are putting all your happiness on your spouses shoulders, you will be disappointed, and rightly so.
Lotto winners are legendary in initial happiness, but eventual lives of misery and many lose everything.
A wise person named Paul wrote in the Bible years ago that
“I have learned to be content in whatever situation I am in”

3.  Another group does this…       LIfE   

Many look at celebrities and think they have a perfect life.  You may be even living a lie in trying to be someone you are not.   You may pretend even that life is great when it really is not.      We have failed to take into account the real problem.
4.   Death… surprising?
Life stinks, then you die?  Is that really what it is all about?  Trying to be happy and then you die and it is all over?  Isn’t there more meaning to life than that?  Isn’t that shallow and hopeless?
Let me give you another way to solve this puzzle…..
Another wise man named Augustine, a long time ago said….  "we were made for God, and our hearts will be restless until they find rest in Him".
1.  The I is about us.  We are really made in God’s image.  We have worth and purpose because of this.  We are supposed to have joy, hope, and purpose…but instead we have all turned away.   But we have lost contact with the One who gave us life, the author of life itself.
We have allowed selfishness rebellion and what is wrong in our lives to make a barrier between us and God.
2. IF   If we are made in God’s image, we are here to show the world what God is like.  If we are made in God’s image, we know Him and His character. The Bible says in Ephesians 5:1 that we are to be imitators of God, and Jesus said to be perfect as My Father in heaven is perfect.
3. LIE.  One of His characteristics is that He is not a liar.  But if we tell a lie or steal something we tell the world that God is a liar and thief and is not faithful.  God hates that, and must punish those who do that.  He is love and He is just.
Even though most people say they are good, God’s standard is perfection(righteousness), and no one is perfect.  Jesus said that no one is good but God Himself.  We lie to ourselves if we think we are good as a standard of righteousness in God’s eyes.
4.  Death…the soul that sins will die.  10 out of 10 dies.  No one gets out of this alive.  God judges sin and the wages of sin is death.  The wages of sin is death.  Then what?  We die once, then the judgment.
Jesus said that He came so that we can have life, and have it to the full.  Jesus did live a perfect life, so he did not have to die, but volunteered His life to pay the penalty we all deserve…
Our lives are really just a vapor that appears for a little while, and disappears.  Life is over in a flash.  Where will you spend eternity?  Turn back to God in repentance and trust in Jesus to be saved.  God commands everyone to repent because He has set a day He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man He has appointed, and give assurance of this by raising Him from the dead.
Many of you are puzzled because you have tried to be good but not sure if this really matters..   Give up on your self righteousness and sin.  Trust in Christ to be saved.  For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life.
What is the solution to life’s greatest puzzle?    Be reconciled to your creator and become a born again new creation that has joy and purpose because of being reunited with your maker God, and will be with Him forever in heaven.

3 People Who Missed Christmas


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Are you good enough for heaven?

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This is my first original Sketchboard message…to God be the glory.

God’s standard for heaven is perfection, or heaven would not be perfect and God would not be just and holy.  We judge ourselves many times by judging other people horizontally instead of vertically at God.  God’s standard of goodness is reflected in His character of His law written on our hearts, our conscience bears witness to it (Romans 2:15).  Most people will, however, still trust in themselves and follow the broad road that leads to destruction and hell (Matthew 7:13-14).  Jesus warned us all that no one is good other than God Himself(Luke 18:19).   Jesus commands us to repent and trust Him only to be saved(Acts 17:30, Acts 20:21, Luke 13:3).  Only through the shedding of blood can we be saved(Hebrews 9:22), and Jesus died for us and shed His blood so that we may be saved.   Because Jesus was perfect in everything He did, He can take the punishment that we all deserve for our sins(Romans 6:23), and give us His perfect righteousness(2 Corinthians 5:21).  Therefore, when we die and face God to be judged(Hebrews 9:27), if we have repented and trusted Christ, we will receive the gift of perfect righteousness of Christ and be perfect because of Him and not because of what we have done.    Trust Him today and be saved.

Lord Save Me

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PICTURE #1--TOP LEFT --The story today is about Jesus boys and girls… 1. Paint in black with ladder lettering "Jesus" and paint in Jesus' head healing the sick, making blind people to be able to see again, making crippled people walk again and even bringing people back from the dead. Ask the kids, "Does anyone know what you call it when Jesus was doing these supernatural acts? You are looking for "Miracle" 2. Complete partial lettering paint in black, "MIRACLES." Only God can do miracles so Jesus was proving He is the LORD GOD… ||lord|save|me|| 3. Paint in "LORD" in the title God the Son. And because Jesus was doing all these many miracles large crowds would follow Him everywhere He went. One day Jesus was teaching at the Sea of Galilee and the people who were listening to Him had been there all day long. 4. As you are talking paint on the heads of the crowd. They missed their breakfast and lunch and now it is around supper time. Have any of you ever gone without breakfast and lunch in the same day? How hungry would you be? The Bible tells us there were 5,000… 5. Paint in black "5,000” men there and that is not including all the women and children, so there could have been 10,000 people or more who are very hungry. Jesus asked Philip, His disciple, (tell the children now that Jesus had 12 disciples and the word "disciple" means "student") how are we going to feed all these people? Jesus knew what He was going to do but He wanted to test Philip. There in the crowd was a lad or a little boy who had brought for dinner two fish and five loaves of bread. (You can ask the boys is there anyone here around 10 years old? If some boy raises his hand say to him, the boy was just around your age.) Jesus asked His disciples to sit the crowd down on the grassy hillside. Jesus took the two fish and five loaves and lifting them up towards Heaven blessed the food. Jesus then broke up the loaves of bread and had His disciples pass it out to the huge crowd. When Jesus gave the food to His disciples to pass out to the crowd, they never ran out of fish or bread. The food just kept increasing more and more. The more they gave out the more the fish and bread multiplied. At the end Jesus told His disciples to gather up all the leftovers. There were 12 baskets leftover full of food. Ask the kids what did Jesus just do? Something only God can do. (You are looking for the word "miracle). So Jesus is proving once again that He is the LORD GOD. After dinner Jesus told His disciples (paint on heads of the three disciples in the boat) to go across to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus went up into the mountains to pray to God the Father. Jesus' disciples being obedient to Him, got in their boat and started to row across the Sea of Galilee. PICTURE #2--TOP RIGHT --It is late now and probably very dark out. After the disciples… 6. Paint in black their heads were rowing for a few hours, they were about three or four miles out on the sea. The winds started to get stronger and stronger, faster and faster. 7. Now paint in blue the waves crashing over the boat. What happens to the sea when the winds blow faster and faster? It causes huge waves. They were in the middle of a fierce storm. Their boat must have been rocking and rolling around in the waves being tossed to and fro but they kept rowing. Maybe even some of the water got into the boat and they had to bail water out of the boat in fear of them all drowning. PICTURE #3--BOTTOM LEFT --Here are all of Jesus' disciples in the middle of a ferocious storm… 8. Paint in 12 black heads while teaching in the middle of the sea at 4:00 o'clock in the morning. Can you imagine how dark it was out? Would you have been scared? All of a sudden someone screams, (I do mean to scream this out-the kids love it) "It's a ghost, it's a ghost!!" 9. Take black paint and paint over the waxed figure of Jesus to appear But it was no ghost, Jesus said to His disciples, "Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid." Peter said to Jesus, "Lord, if it is you, command me to come to You on the water." Jesus said to Peter, 10. Finish now painting in black the partial lettering that says "COME" Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water towards Jesus. But when Peter took his eyes off Jesus… 11. Paint in blue, water coming up to Peter's chest as he is sinking he looked at the huge waves. When Peter took his eyes off Jesus he started to sink in the waves… 12. Complete ladder lettering and finish painting in the title "LORD SAVE ME" and screamed out, "LORD SAVE ME". Immediately Jesus grabbed Peter by the hand and got into the boat. When they got into the boat the wind stopped. Jesus stopped the storm. What do we call it when Jesus does a supernatural act like walking on water and stopping the storm? Wait to see if kids say, "Miracle", if they don't, tell them Miracle. The disciples in the boat witnessing these miracles said to Jesus, "You are certainly God's son!" PICTURE #4--BOTTOM RIGHT— Transition statement from the story to the gospel: Just as Peter yelled out, LORD SAVE ME, we too need to say, LORD SAVE ME. Save you from what? We need to be saved from our sins because they will keep us out of Heaven. Tell the kids to raise their hand if they have ever lied before? Wait for the kids to raise their hands. What do you call someone who lies? A liar! God says lying is a sin. Tell the kids to raise their hands if they have ever stolen before? Even if it was just a penny or a candy bar? What do you call someone who has stolen something? A thief! God calls stealing a sin. So because we are all lying thieves no one deserves to go to Heaven. So how are we going to get to Heaven? Jesus, God's son, loves us so much, this same Jesus that did all these miracles in the story today, came to earth and lived a perfect life. Jesus never once told a lie. Jesus never once stole something. Jesus never once disobeyed or disrespected His earthly mother. Jesus is holy and perfect because He is God in the flesh. John 3:16 says: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him will not die but will have everlasting life." 13. Draw in the cross God also tells us "For the wages of sin is death (Hell and separated from God forever) but the free gift of God is eternal life." God is telling us here that because we sin we earn death and separation from Him forever in Hell. The good news is that this same Jesus in the story today, is really God in the flesh. Jesus came to earth and lived a perfect life. Jesus never lied or stole anything! Because Jesus was PERFECT AND HOLY He could take what we deserve for our sin--DEATH--Jesus died in our place on the cross 2,000 years ago. Jesus allowed Roman soldiers to nail spikes through His hands and feet to nail Him to the cross. God tells us… 14. Now take your red paint and press firmly on the cross where Jesus' hands and feet would be so that red blood pours down the page that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. (Hebrews 9:22) God loves us so much that He tells us if we will "TURN" … 15. Paint in red the word TURN or repent of our sins...repent or turn means to realize our sins are bad, and God doesn’t like it. Most people think sin is okay. But we need to realize how bad our sin is. God also tells us if we will TRUST… 16. Paint in red TRUST in Jesus to save us from our sins, we will be forgiven. Other words for TRUST are: BELIEVE or FAITH. Jesus died for our sins and was buried for three days. But Jesus did not stay dead! 17. Now take the yellow paint and paint yellow glory coming from the tomb Jesus rose from the dead, He conquered death, and is alive today. We trust a living Savior. ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE YOU FROM YOUR SINS.

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