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Alleman Catholic High seems to be the toughest "fishing hole" I have here in the Quad Cities.  Every time I go, either the police are called, the administration and priests come out and surround me, or parents come up and angrily tell me to leave. Most of the students took Gospel tracts and a few Bibles and I even got the usual  "Hail Satan" yells.  This High School is typical and needs the Gospel preached.....bad.  But yet, it is unique in that it is supposed to be a Christian place, and sorry to say, it isn't.  Now I am sure some kids that go there are saved, but judging by what I see and hear and the anger of the administration and parents, probably not to many of them are.

So today, I went and handed out Bibles for free and talked to any of the kids that stopped to chat.  As I handed one of the Bibles to one of the kids and we were chatting, a parent marched over to me and screamed at me to leave and stop "spooking" the kids.  I really thought this huge guy was gonna hit me.  We had a tense exchange about freedoms in the United States, and that he should be thanking me that I was there.  Needless to say, it did not go well, and this guy threatened me if I ever come back.

All over handing out Bibles......  A couple of kids came over and told me that they were sorry, and a Christian school should not be like that.

So it goes that a professing Christian High school here in town is my toughest place to evangelize. But I believe God keeps compelling me to continue going there, and I intend to be faithful.  Thanks for prayers.